Y2K Vintage Fashion | Retro Style with Futuristic Vibes at hotbox Vintage

vintage shopping pasadena, los angeles, and online: hotboxvintage.com. Y2K shopping treasure trove! South Pasadena location for local pick-up.

Welcome to the nostalgic realm of Y2K fashion, where the vibrancy of the early 2000s has been making a reboot on the scene. The fashion aficionados of the Los Angeles area have stumbled upon a hidden gem that perfectly encapsulates this iconic era – Hotbox Vintage. With its recent online expansion, HotboxVintage.com invites us on […]

Hotbox Vintage: Online Goldmine for Vintage Fashion

shop the best vintage online. hotbox vintage in South Pasadena

By The South Pasadenan News Let’s go shopping! You know how we’re always on the prowl for the next best thing in the style scene, right? Well, enter the new Hotbox Vintage online shopping website – bigger, better, faster, more: HotboxVintage.com. Nestled in the heart of South Pasadena since 2004, this vintage treasure trove has […]

What are you wearing to Parti Gras!? We Got You!

This year Parti Gras is celebrating forty years (!) of fundraising for education, and they chose an awesome throw-back theme to mark the occasion: Smooth Sailing! Inspired by the cool tunes and chill vibes of early ‘70s-late ‘80s Yacht Rock. To say we are beyond stoked about the styling opportunities this presents is a gross […]

Valley Girl Mall Market @ The Eclectic Music Festival!

Eclectic Fest & Arts Crawl—Saturday, April 29th 3:00-9:00PM The South Pas Eclectic Music Fest & Arts Crawl is one of the best times of the year: it’s a blocks-long celebration all up and down Mission Street, with live music, food, fun, shopping, and all kinds of activities. We’re getting in on the action: on Saturday, […]


Hotbox Vintage Winter Clear Out Sale  $1, $3, $5 SALE RACKS THIS WEEKEND Thursday 2/23 Friday 2/24 Saturday 2/25 12:00-6:00PM Everyone’s One True Love — She’s a fickle, mysterious lady, but that’s kind of what we love about her: the $1 Pile is BACK the last weekend of February! She’s feeling generous and bringing along her […]

V-Day Weekend with Hotbox

Hello angels! We have an absolute chock-a-block week coming up, full of fun, friends, and of course *fresh vintage finds*—read on below! Looking for a super special gift, or even just a fabulous outfit? We’ve really outdone ourselves this year sourcing the sweetest vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, AND housewares in every shade of red and […]