Hotbox Vintage Winter Clear Out Sale
 $1, $3, $5 SALE RACKS THIS WEEKEND Thursday 2/23 Friday 2/24 Saturday 2/25 12:00-6:00PM
Everyone’s One True Love — She’s a fickle, mysterious lady, but that’s kind of what we love about her: the $1 Pile is BACK the last weekend of February! She’s feeling generous and bringing along her whole posse, including $3, $5, and $10 sale racks (they can’t stand that we call them that). So come join the party and see what these divas have to offer—we promise it’ll be good. That’s all for now, but honestly we’re just getting started. So keep an eye on your inbox, and on our IG page—whatever’s happening, you’ll always be the first to know ❤︎ Can’t wait to see you! x HB

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