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Sido L. Kiddo Magic Beach Charm Necklace


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Inspired by ‘90s nostalgia, gummy candy, and the treasure collections of our childhood, these charm necklaces by local artist Sido L. Kiddo are all hand-made from start to finish and completely one-of-a-kind! Charms are made in small batches using a variety of techniques to create matte, satin, and super glossy finishes. Each one is complete with its own lobster clip, so you can remove or rearrange charms in any order that you like. Think of it as many necklaces in one!

The Magic Beach charm necklace includes: 5 large, high-shine seashell and starfish charms, each with its own unique glitter & iridescent flake blend. Depending on the light they flash an array of different colors, and have been glazed on all sides for extra-dazzling multi-dimensional finish and depth!

The chain itself is lead- and nickel-free silver-plated steel, and measures 20” long.

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