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Holiday Magazine April 1952 Eternal Rome – Vol 11 No.4


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Holiday was an American travel magazine that ran from the ’40s to the ’70s, known for its full-color oversized photo essays, along with articles by famous authors (such as Truman Capote, Joan Didion, and E.B. White, among many others.) Despite the lighthearted name and the fact that the visually lush publication became a kind of travel wish-list for the cosmopolitan set, the magazine itself was both stylistically eclectic and boldly literary. The contributing famous authors were often contracted between books and other projects, and sent off on assignment to various far-flung locales, to come back with uniquely crafted stories of their travels, accompanied by striking photographs. These vintage volumes are truly a feast for the eyes and mind.

Volume: 11

Issue: 4

Publication Year: 1952

Topic: Eternal Rome

Publication Month: April

Publisher: Curtis Publishing Company


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